Korean is More Beautiful

kpop cartoon

Yep, K-Pop is such a plague in the world today. This also happened in Indonesia. You can see their influences on music. Boybands and girlbands "K-Pop Wannabe" popped-up in Indonesia recently, from Smash, 7icons, Cherry Belle, until XO-IX (I don't even know how to read it). And they're all look the same, their voices, their styles, with smooth facial bright skin, with their bizarre stage costumes, and their weird dances. For them, they just want to look like the REAL Koreans.

A few moments ago in the Tour de Singkarak, the girls (the crowds) seem crazy over bike rider from South Korea, they took their picture together. The strange thing is they don't even know who the guy was. The important thing is that he's Korean.


2 komentar

  1. Menarik bro.

    menyentil rasa pake gambar visual.

    Kreatif :)

    Ijin bantu nyebarin

  2. Trimakasih, silakan saja disebarkan asal kredit karyanya tidak diubah :-)