Bane vs. Joker

joker vs bane
I wonder if they have a fight, who would have won?
Bane can't even barely talking. His voice kinda annoying. Too bad that you don't need such a great actor to play Bane. His vicious mask helps him to have menacing look, without him even try too hard. I found some people wonder why Nolan choose Hardy. Why not...let's say Vin Diesel. The guy got muscle, heavy tone voice, and once play a 'bad' guy in Pitch Black. Compare to Heath Ledger's Joker, Bane was nothing. I wonder what would happen to The Dark Knight Rises if Ledger still alive, I bet he will escape from the prison and will became the main villain for the last installment. So I imagined this situation where they both actually met somewhere, planned something to kill Batman.


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