Anything For The Red and White

panjat pinang kartun
demi merah putih
In Indonesia there is a traditional game called "Panjat Pinang", means climbing an areca tree. This game ussualy held towards independence day of Indonesia on August, 17th every year. In the treetops, they hung various prizes. The participants will attempt to reach as many prizes they can get. They will need to work together to form a human ladder to reach the treetops. If you can reach the red-white flag in the top of it. You and your team will win all the presents. But this is won't be easy because the surface of the tree covered by  engine lubricating oil. Here in lies the cuteness of this game. Where participants will fall in an attempt to "Panjat Pinang".

Now look at the preparations made ​​by this young man. He exercised a lot for the red and white flag.


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